Dairy Free Cakes

Most people love cake but finding a cake that suits your needs may not be very easy to find. In most cakes, dairy ingredients are included. Maybe you prefer not to consume dairy products or you are allergic to them. At Cake Mania, we take that into consideration which is why we bake custom cakes according to the customer's needs.
Among our custom cakes Sydney are dairy free cakes. At dairy free cakes : http://esofttechnologies.com.au/mania/dairy-free-cakes, you will notice we have a variety of cakes which do not include any dairy products. After you identify the flavour of cake you want and the size you require, you can place the order online or call us on (02) 9635 4792. Please specify the number of people the cake is for and when it is required. 
At Cake Mania, we offer cakes for special occasions including weddings, anniversaries, engagements and baby showers among others. If you do not need a whole cake, you can order slices of your preferred flavour of cake with the same Dairy Free specification. 
For any enquiries, you can click on the enquiries button , call (02) 9635 4792  or send an email to wayne@cakemania.com.au.
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