Vegan Cakes

Are you in quest of amazingly moist vegan cakes? If so, you might want to browse through Cake Mania’s impeccable assortment.
Everybody deserves great cake. We know it’s our job to create delectable and indulgent cakes for you. Cake Mania offers variety of vegan cakes. We believe in bringing awareness to what we ingest into our bodies.  We also believe that anything in a cake or cupcake recipe can be made in cruelty-free ways and taste  like our awesome vegan cakes.
Cake Mania is your allergy-friendly one-stop cake shop. Our vegan cakes are every bit as  any 'conventional' ones – actually, arguably better. Our remarkably delicious cake treats are all made cruelty-free and in a 100%-vegan environment without using any animal products or derivatives. And we’ve to admit; we’re pretty darn good at it.
Our vegan custom cakes are 100% dairy-free, egg-free, cochineal & gelatine-free, lactose-free, with soy-free, corn-free, and fructose-friendly. Plus, we additionally make a range of low GI cake options without wheat/gluten. 
We’re constantly expanding our vegan cake offerings and developing new recipes. If there’s something you would like us to bake for you, please let us know! 
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