Gluten Free Pastries

Cake Mania Gluten Free pastries redefine special according to your terms. Whether you want a special cake to mark an occasion, to celebrate your personal health journey or to cater to your food sensitivities, we offer special Gluten Free pastries.

At Cake Mania we believe in offering you specialized and customizable pastry options. We look forward to creating sweet treats that cater to your allergies and dietary preferences. Our range of Gluten Free delicacies include wedding cakes, communion cakes, engagement cakes, novelty cakes, anniversary cakes, birthday cakes and so much more. 

The process of creating your favorite Gluten Free delicacy begins with a careful selection of ingredients and an in-depth understanding of your needs as the customer. We are specialized in giving you so much more without the use of wheat. The process is highly rewarding for our team of chefs; and we always look forward to the smile on your face. 

Listening to our customers is our most valuable skill, which is why we are always happy when customers provide Testimonials. If you are looking to mark that special occasion with a special Gluten Free treat, contact our specialty cake shop in Parramatta for deliveries.
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